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German Kaliumiodid Hersteller
Dutch Kaliumjodide fabrikanten
Italian Produttori di ioduro di potassio
French Fabricants d'iodure de potassium
Portuguese fabricantes de iodeto de potássio
Spanish Los fabricantes de yoduro de potasio
Arabic يوديد البوتاسيوم مصنعين نقية والصف الكاشف

Specifications of Potassium Iodide
Potassium Iodide BP USP IP FCC ACS AR Food Grade
Potassium Iodate BP ACS AR FCC Food Grade
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Potassium iodide is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula KI. This white salt is the most commercially significant iodide compound.

Potassium iodide is a precursor to silver iodide (AgI) an important chemical in photography. KI is a component in some disinfectants and hair treatment chemicals. KI is also used as a fluorescence quenching agent in biomedical research. It is used in photography and as a source of iodine in organic synthesis.

The major uses of KI include use as a nutritional supplement in animal feeds and also the human diet. For the latter, it is the most common additive used to "iodize" table salt (a public health measure to prevent iodine deficiency in populations which get little seafood). The oxidation of iodide causes slow loss of iodine content from iodized salts that are exposed to excess air. Potassium iodide is also used in several pharmaceutical preparations and for protection against nuclear radiation.

Potassium iodide (KI) is a salt form of iodide. It is a simple salt that is often added to table salt to provide a source of iodine in the diet. Iodine is used in the body for proper functioning of the thyroid, too much or too little can cause problems. Potassium iodide has a few specific uses mostly related to thyroid function and as an expectorant.

Potassium iodide can be administered as a protection against absorption by the thyroid of radio-active isotopes of iodine that may be produced in the event of a nuclear event. When given in correct doses within three to four hours of exposure, it stops the thyroid from absorbing the radioactive iodine. The correct dosage depends on the amount of exposure and should be given daily until there is no more risk of exposure. According to FDA guidelines for exposures greater than 10 centigray (cGy) the recommended daily dose of potassium iodide for adults 18 to 40 years is 130 milligrams. It should be taken only under instruction of local health authorities.

Iodized salt is used in most developed countries to reduce the occurrence of physical growth and development problems, and goiter associated with lack of iodine in the diet. Potassium iodide can be added to table salt and flour as a way to provide a reliable source of iodine.

Potassium iodide stimulates the salivary glands and can be used to treat coughs and as an expectorant. It helps loosen and break up mucus produced in the respiratory tract by chronic respiratory problems, such as asthma, bronchitis or emphysema.

Cutaneous Sporotrichosis is a fungus that can cause lesions on the skin. A saturated solution of potassium iodide (SSKI) can be used to treat the lesion. It is ineffective against internal, systemic infections of sporotrichosis. The saturated solution of potassium iodide is usually administered for approximately four to six weeks up to six months.

Potassium iodide is used as a supplement to provide the thyroid with the necessary iodine to function normally.

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